The McKenzie Friend other McKenzie Friends come to for advice

Simon Walland is both a McKenzie Friend and a trained lawyer, this means he can give you the full support you need without the cost of using a solicitor.  Simon is regularly asked to advise other McKenzie Friends and help them in Court and at tribunals.

Simon Walland Family Law reputation is second to none, and if you are looking for a McKenzie Friend that will provide you with the highest levels of knowledge, experience and assistance, then Simon Walland is your man.

Read more about what a McKenzie Friend does, and how Simon Walland Family Law can assist you in the family law courts – and what you should do next.

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Simon Walland

Simon Walland, McKenzie Friend & Lawyer

In 2002 Simon Walland became a McKenzie Friend.  He’s also a trained lawyer, which ensures that he has the experience and knowledge to help you get through what, for many, can be a difficult time.

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Court hearings


Simon Walland can help you prepare for your court hearing, and assist you every step of the way providing legal advice and moral support.

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