Can I represent myself in Court

Can I represent myself in Court

Currently, there are many thousands of people who have been forced to represent themselves in the Family Courts by a lack of Legal Aid funding, a lack of trust in the legal profession to pay the attention then want to their case, and the frustration of continually paying a Solicitor for what seems like no, or little progress.

Representing yourself can seem daunting, but family Law is a reasonably straightforward process, providing you can follow what is required of you and why.

Too many people that self-represent make the mistake of using their own perceptions of how things should be, and don’t appreciate that the court has its own approach, and their approach will be followed regardless of how you think it should be done.  Failing to follow the set procedure will result in you being likely to miss opportunities and attempt to argue points that don’t need to be argued, or points that are not relevant to the matter the Judge is trying to reach a decision upon.

The key to self-representation is to be aware of taking the right path and to focus on the important issues.

Simon Walland has been dealing with Family Court cases for 19 years and will be able to point you in the right direction via a telephone consultation, or to assist in preparing your paperwork for each hearing.

Self-representation is not impossible with the right guidance, and Simon Walland will provide that to you, so that you can approach your hearings with confidence and knowledge of what is likely to happen, and what you need to do to help things go in the direction that you want them to.

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