Speak to Simon before booking an appeal as he will discuss the prospects of an appeal as there may be a better way to approach your situation

If you have attended court and feel that things went badly wrong because the Judge or Magistrates did not do things properly, there MAY be a chance to appeal the hearing.

Simon has appealed many hearings with success, and if you are interested in finding out more, simply book a telephone appointment and discuss your situation with Simon.

The process for lodging an appeal has a time limit, so don’t delay for too long before speaking to Simon.

The process for preparing an appeal is involved and much research will need to be done, hence the price is not the cheapest package on offer, but it may well be a price worth paying to right a wrong.


  • Discuss your case with Simon to establish any appeal prospects
  • Simon will prepare the necessary documents and send them to you for review
  • Simon will then make any changes following a discussion
  • You can then lodge your appeal
  • The documents you will need are:
  • A fully completed application
  • A clear Grounds of Appeal
  • A persuasive Skeleton Argument