Child Abduction

There is not much worse than having your children disappear and not knowing where they are, or even that they have been taken abroad without your consent or even knowledge.

If you have prior warning of their intentions to disappear or move away, it is possible that it can be prevented, and if you are facing such a situation, please book an appointment with Simon without delay

If your child/ren have already gone, there is a fair chance of making an application to have your ex partner brought back to the UK with the children to face a hearing (or series of hearings) to decide where the children should live.

The courts have various powers to locate your children and bring them back home, and then look at where they should live following their return, and what steps to put in place to prevent their removal again.

Child Abduction, both national and international

The courts are usually able to locate your child/ren and bring them back to England/Wales while proceedings take to place to see if they should be kept here or allowed to move abraod, and what time you should spend with them.

  • Discuss your situation
  • Make an application
  • Provide the right documentation to present your case
  • Advise you on how to present your case in court
  • Discuss how to assist you at any further hearings