Simon will discuss with you the options available in order to obtain a divorce, and how to approach it.

Usually there are a range of important decisions to be made at this time involving the children and finances and how to pay for the divorce, all of which Simon will discuss.

Completing the Divorce Petition is important to get right to avoid it being rejected.  There are ways to ensure that the Divorce goes through as smoothly as possible and with Simon’s advice you will avoid the typical pitfalls that delay many divorces.

Apply for a Divorce or respond to an application against you

Following a marriage breakdown, applying for a Divorce will terminate your marriage.

  • Discuss your situation with Simon
  • Consider the various ways to divorce and see which is right for you
  • Simon will prepare your draft petition
  • The petitionwill be discussed and corrected if necessary
  • You send the finished petition off, and receive confirmation
  • Depending on how your spouse deals with the paperwork, Simon will push the application through
  • Receive your Decree Nisi
  • Obtain your Decree Absolute
  • Simon will be on call to answer any queries