Fact Finding Hearing

When allegations of abuse have been made, which is all too common in Children Cases, the court has to make a decision as to hold a hearing to examine the evidence to verify whether the abuse took place or not.

Having established the truth (or otherwise), they then need to consider how it will affect contact with the child.  The last thing any Judge wants is for the abuse to be ignored and the child suffer abuse.

The whole fact Finding experience can be very difficult to deal with unless you receive the right advice and support.  The implications of getting it wrong can be enormous and badly affect your relationship with your children

Fact Finding Hearing

This process is used by the court to examine the truth or otherwise of allegations of abuse

  • Read all documentation and discuss the allegations made against you
  • Prepare a defence to those allegations
  • Complete the Scott Schedule and respond by statement having approved a draft
  • Prepare for the hearing and discuss strategies
  • Discuss potential negotiation points for the hearing