Finances for First Hearing FDA - GET QUALIFIED HELP FOR COURT

Finances for First Hearing FDA

The financial process through court is generally in two or three stages.  The first is to gather information about the parties finances, the second is for the Judge to give an opinion on settlement and encourage you to settle, and the third is a full blown hearing to examine the finances and order a settlement.

Usually cases are settled at the second hearing, but you must prepare and provide the correct information for the first hearing to stand a decent prospect of getting a fair outcome.

Simon has attended hundreds of these hearings and can advise on your realistic prospects

Financial Dispute Appointment

Prepare and present your information correctly and avoid the usual pitfalls made by inexperienced litigants unaware of the hearing they are facing.

  • Discuss your case
  • Make your application correctly
  • Assist with your full disclosure (Form E) and evidence
  • Discuss and analyse the other parties Form E
  • Prepare your Form G
  • Prepare your Form H
  • Produce your Statement of Issues
  • Provide you with a Chronology
  • Prepare a Questionnaire
  • Write a Note for the hearing