Finances for Second Hearing FDR - GET QUALIFIED HELP FOR COURT

Finances for Second Hearing FDR

The courts deal with Financial Applications on two or three hearings.  The second hearing, the Financial Dispute Resolution Hearing is all focused on reaching a settlement.

Simon will assist you with producing the documentation you will need to attend this type of hearing to guide the Judge towards the settlement that you are looking for.

Presenting your situation in every court hearing you attend is crucial to give you the best opportunity to succeed.


Financial Hearing, FDR

Following the first hearing, it should be reasonably clear how the court will consider making a decision, and Simon can assist you to present your case properly to benefit from his knowledge and experience.

  • Discuss your situation and the outcome of the first hearing
  • Discuss your goals and the wisdom of following a fixed path without knowledge of how the court considers cases
  • Prepare paperwork to demonstrate your situation in its best light
  • Simon will prepare a document setting our your arguments and the advantages of your offer to settle
  • A schedule of assets and liabilities will also be provided
  • Simon will discuss how to approach the hearing and if possible be on hand to assist by telephone at the hearing.