Position Statement

A Position Statement is in most cases an essential part of your court preparation and needs to well written.

Whether you are attending your first hearing, or have been directed by the court to provide them with a Position Statement, you need to know how to write a convincing document that will explain your position so that they understand what you want them to do for you.

At the same time, it needs to be relevant and clear.  The court will have a different idea of what they want to know, and so getting the balance right and not going off on a tangent, or writing about things that they are powerless to help with will detract from your case.

Simon has been writing Position Statements for 17 years, firstly as a Litigant in Person, and then having developed an interest in Family Law as a qualified Lawyer.  He was Called to the Bar in 2010 and has appeared in all levels of court in England and Wales.

Whatever your reason to be going to court, you do need a powerful and convincing Position Statement.

Position Statement includes:

When you go into court it is extremely difficult to say what you should say, in the right way, not forget anything and come out having clearly and succinctly explained what you want and why the court should help.  It is too easy to lose track, lose confidence and miss vital parts of your story.

  • Discuss your situation with Simon so that he can guide you in the right direction and get the important details from you
  • Usually the best approach is for you to email Simon with what you think needs to be said.  Even if it is just bullet points or mad rambling, it will all be helpful
  • Simon will then use his experience to write a draft document which aims to persuade the court to give you what you are looking for
  • Simon will then send you a draft Position Statement for discussion
  • Any points you want to raise can then be discussed
  • Simon will make changes as discussed and send you the final document with instructions on what to do with it