Telephone Advice

Before you do anything, speak to Simon and find out what you should do and how to do it.

Before taking any steps towards trying to resolve your issues in Family Law, call Simon and discuss your situation and let Simon explain how he can help you, what the court is able to do for you and of course what the court cannot help.

If it is possible to avoid court altogether, Simon will explain what steps you can try to prevent things escalating and getting out of hand.

If court cannot be avoided, learn what type of application will suit your situation and how to go about it.

Simon will be blunt and honest and give an indication of your prospects in court and chances of getting everything you are hoping to achieve.

If you take up any further services that Simon has to offer, the cost of this initial advice will be deducted from the cost of those services.

Telephone Advice

Discuss your situation with Simon and understand what application to make and what to ask for

  • Many factors will affect how you approach court
  • Understand what the court is able to do to help you
  • Learn how to approach the court to get the result you need
  • Understand what steps you should take before making an application, and if possible to avoid court altogether
  • Appreciate which concerns you have can be dealt with by the court and how to avoid the typical pitfalls
  • Learn what your next steps are so that you can make progress through the court system with as little stress as possible