Witness (Narrative) Statement - GET QUALIFIED HELP FOR COURT

Witness (Narrative) Statement

The court will order you to produce a statement to explain your situation and to be used in a final hearing

This type of statement will be ordered by the court and is necessary for commenting on allegations, reports or your goals for a final hearing.

They need to explain the important aspects of your case, and include evidence that supports your case.

You may need to rebut information used against you in court and documents already filed with the court.

This is your opportunity to argue your case and fight your corner.

Witness Statement Includes

A Witness Statement is an important element of the court process and is used in final hearings as your evidence and you will be likely to be examined on its contents.  It has to be right, honest and truthful.  Often things that you may worry about revealing can be done in an unharmful way.

  • Discuss your situation with Simon so that he can guide you in the right direction and get the important details from you.
  • Particularly, Simon will get you to focus on what is important and what can be safely ignored
  • Usually the best approach is for you to email Simon with what you think needs to be said.  Even if it is just bullet points or mad rambling, it will all be helpful.  Dont forget to include any evidence you wish to use.
  • Simon will then use his experience to write a draft statement which aims to persuade the court to give you what you are looking for and explain your case well
  • Simon will then send you the draft Statement for discussion
  • Any points you want to raise can then be discussed
  • Simon will make changes as discussed and send you the final document with instructions on what to do with it.